is a place of creativity, promise, and heroics. It's the big dreamers, the risk takers, the ones out to change the world.

What's in a name brand?

When you wear a brand, like it or not, you're a walking billboard/advertisement. Does your t-shirt brand represent what you're about - things that matter? Or is it just out to make a quick dollar however possible?

Naman Clothing was born out of the idea to have a brand that was worth repping. A brand that stands for something and cares about how it was made. These shirts aren't your run-of-the-mill sweatshop-made throw-aways to make a profit. These are something you can be proud to wear. If you care about your planet and the people on it, wear brands that do too.

Our Core Values

Transparency, Ethicality, and Comfort - in that order. There is always room to be more transparent. We are constantly working to provide more information about how products are made - because knowledge is power. And knowing is half the battle; the battle for a better world.


people who do what they love. They use their powers for good, and for a purpose bigger than themselves. It's about being who you are, living life to the fullest, and inspiring and sharing life.

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