At Naman Clothing we use only 100% Organic and Ethically Created cotton. So what does that mean?

The way that we source our t-shirts is more important than mere profits to us. We believe that everyone deserves respect regardless of age, sex, race, religion, social status, or wealth. Often in the clothing industry, children, women, and men are forced to work in slave-like, terrible conditions to create the products and clothing we buy.

NAMAN is a company with a conscience. It would be cheaper, and arguably more profitable, to use “sweatshop-made” t-shirts. But to us, there are things more important than just making money. NAMAN willingly takes a cut in profits to ensure that the people who make our shirts are paid fair and liveable wages, are given safe working conditions, and have access to things like health care. We want to treat the people who make our t-shirts with respect and love and to make the world a more positive place.

Some of our shirts are made in Canada at a factory called “Jerico“. The major benefit of having the shirts made in Canada is that the production is easily traceable and transparent. Jerico allows us to go into their factory and review the creation process. They pay their employees at least minimum wage for Ontario, Canada and provide safe working conditions.

Some of our shirts are made at a factory called FreeSet in India which employs women who were formally trapped in India’s sex trade. They have now have found freedom from that life which robbed them of dignity and hope. This is due to the ability to make a respectable living working in our factories.

Everything we do at Naman is to create positive energy and help inspire artistry, creativity, and awesomeness. We want to give you a way to wear that on your chest like a superhero.

Proof of above claims is in progress and coming soon.